Chairman's Message

Dear Parents,
We are living in extraordinary times. Upheavals and intentions surpass our imagination.

We at WIPS nurture a dream to provide education that helps our students direct the course of events and settle the things in right place. As leaders they create a world that is harmonious and remould life upon earth.

We aim to foster and fiercely protect the bright spontaneity to make learning a joyous journey. Children will be encouraged to develop their instruments of knowledge by using all possible sources from modern technology to traditional methods.

World-class facilities in sensitively designed classrooms to state of art playfields are the extension of school’s ethos to provide learners with the best and prepare them to face the evolving times, not just as onlookers but, as important contributors and make a mark on the events they live through.

They would be challenged to be the inquirers so that they redefine the conventions and break the prejudices to be the pioneers of causes beyond the limited aspects of life.

I foresee that in the coming times when these Children would grow and in the various capacities, be it at home or career, would make school and family proud.

Er.Sukhwinder Singh