04 Woodbury International Public School



1. Students should at all times maintain high standard of manners. In particular-

  • They should show consideration for the needs of others.
  • They should take pride in their personal appearance.
  • All ladies, masters and visitors should be greeted.
  • They must stand up (and remove hands from pockets) at the approach of ladies and gentlemen of their acquaintance.

2. Students should not write or scribble on walls and desks.
3. Shouting and running and shouting in classrooms and verandahs is prohibited.
4. Habitual idleness, irregular attendance, disobedience or misconduct is sufficient reason for the dismissal of a student.


1. The class teacher must approve all pens used in school.
2. Pencils are to be used up to class IV.
3. Fountain Pens / Gel Pens are to be used from Classes VI to VIII.


1. Parents are requested to see that their children are neat and tidy for school each morning.
2. Blazers, jerseys and ties are to be worn during the winter.
3. The middle button of the Blazer should be fastened except when seated.
4. A Pullover should not be worn under the shirt.
5. Students of class VI and above should wear House T-shirts along with sports dress for all sports activities.
6. Undergarments must be worn with school uniform.
7. Plain black shoes are to be worn. Broad or designed shoes are not allowed.
8. Girls with long hair should make two plaits. (Two pony tails for shoulder length hair).
9. Boys should come to school with military hair cut. (Use of Gel is prohibited).
10. The colour of turban / patka (for Sikh boys) should be as prescribed.
11. Nametags should be stitched on the uniform.
12. Students not in proper uniform are liable to be fined.

Class Rooms

1. Classrooms must be kept tidy.
2. Desk, Textbooks and exercise books should not be defaced.
3. Windows must be fastened at all times whether open or closed.
4. Lights and fans must be switched off when classrooms are vacant.
5. All breakage or damages must be reported to the class teacher / school office.
6. The Monitor must report to the Principal in case the class is without a teacher.
7. The Monitors are responsible for discipline in the classroom in the absence of the teacher. In case of difficulty they should seek help from the House / School Prefects.

Computer Room

1. Entry in the Computer room is restricted.
2. The class attending the computer period will not enter the computer room without the permission of the computer instructor.
3. Students and instructors entering the computer room must clean their hands.
4. Silence must be observed in the computer room.
5. Monitor screen must not be touched.
6. Keyboards must be handled properly.
7. Eatables, sharp objects, pens, boxes etc. are strictly prohibited in the computer room.


1. Silence must be observed in the library.
2. School bags / personal books are not allowed in the school library.
3. No book shall be taken away from the reading tables without permission.
4. Newspapers must not be removed from the newspaper stands.
5. Scribbling / underlining on the books is strictly prohibited.
6. One book at a time will be issued for a maximum period of one week.
7. Reference books / periodicals shall not be issued.
8. A fine of Rs.1.00 per day shall be charged if books are not returned within the specified time.
9. In case of loss or damage to the library book the student will pay a fine determined by the school authorities.

Multi Media Room

1. Entry in the Multi - Media room is restricted.
2. The class attending the Multi - Media period will not enter the room without the permission of the teacher.
3. Silence must be observed in the Multi - Media room.
4. TV screen must not be touched.
5. Eatables, sharp objects, boxes etc. are strictly prohibited.

Quadrangle / Lawn

1. Playing games, running or shouting in the quadrangle is not allowed.
2. Walking on the grass is forbidden.
3. Plants and Trees should be cared for.
4. Flowers should not be plucked from the school / public / private gardens.

Lost & Found

1. All losses should be reported to the teacher in-charge of the assembly.
2. All items found in the school premises must be deposited with the teacher in-charge of the assembly.

School Bell

If the school bell be heard at an unusual time or heard for longer than the usual period, the school will assemble in the quadrangle for roll call / assembly.